Building Applications

MTX are among the UK’s leading providers of off-site modular buildings and we have a wealth of experience in the design, engineering, production and delivery of education buildings. From single classrooms through to departmental extensions we have the expertise to provide you with a complete solution from conception to completion.


We believe it is essential that students and teachers are provided with the best and most comfortable learning and teaching environments and here at MTX we are proud to consistently exceed expectations. Our buildings are specifically designed to meet the user’s exact requirements and ‘modularised’ to meet the preferred layout. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach ensuring we exceed pre-conceived ideas in everything that we do.

Our projects are completed almost 50% faster than a traditional construction solution and often with no compromise to the final product. We can include concrete floors, plastered wall linings and enhanced architectural cladding and glazing. Our buildings look and perform in the same way that new traditional buildings do with many advantages during the construction phase including a reduced workforce, reduced traffic movements during construction, improved health and safety, an engineered solution and a cleaner construction site.

 A pre-school environment is the very start of formal education and we believe it is essential that the right scene is set for the future.
We create the right environment for children to learn ensuring the very best start for their academic education.
Working in conjunction with our team of experienced designers we have the expertise to create the perfect secondary school environment.
At MTX we create environments for students to flourish in supporting their development and transition from a child to a young adult.