At MTX we believe in creating exceptional environments that will have a positive impact on the occupants for many years to come. A pre-school environment is the very start of formal education and we believe it is essential that the right scene is set for the future.

Classroom table

We offer an unlimited range of options for pre-school buildings ensuring that the exact requirements of the end users are met. Working with a highly talented team of architects and engineers we have the expertise to support our clients through every stage of the process from conception to completion.

Our approach accommodates the whole picture taking into consideration the following key elements:

  • Building size and footprint
  • External play space
  • Access and egress to the buildings including provision for security
  • External covered outdoor learning space
  • Play rooms and storage
  • Toilets, cleaners and utility requirements
  • Staff and welfare accommodation
  • Administrative accommodation and offices

We acknowledge the importance of safety and security when designing and constructing pre-school buildings and we work extensively with existing nursery team leaders to wisely discuss and plan the construction strategy to ensure your new facility is both enjoyable and safe to the end users and completed in the minimal amount of time.