Secondary School

Working in conjunction with our team of experienced and industry specific designers we have the expertise to create the perfect secondary school environment. Creating a learning space that will allow students to absorb information and prosper at every stage is a challenge that we consistently meet.


We create environments that are comfortable, modern, dynamic and flexible and by doing so we create a space in which students want to spend time and find it a comfortable location to study.

Critical to the function of the building is the architectural and engineering design and some of the following elements are fundamentals that we adopt during the design process:

  • Planning requirements
  • BREEAM requirement
  • Type of floor
  • Natural lighting
  • Ventilation strategy
  • Data and communications
  • Colour
  • Artwork
  • External landscaping
  • Ceiling height
  • Doors and ironmongery
  • Sanitary ware
  • Fitted furniture
  • Tables and seating

Our off-site modular buildings offer a flawless, adaptable, modern, fit for purpose construction solution delivered with safety, speed, dedication and precision on each and every project in which we are involved.

At MTX we can provide a wide range of buildings for secondary schools which can include:

  • Entirely new school buildings including sub structure and infrastructure
  • Permanent and temporary extensions to existing schools
  • Drama and dance facilities
  • Science accommodation
  • Faculty teaching blocks
  • Sports facilities
  • Kitchens and dining facilities
  • Link corridors
  • Locker rooms

We would welcome dialogue with you to discuss your next education building so please get in touch.