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Modular nursery buildings

If you are looking to expand your nursery facilities or create a new nursery building from scratch, a modular system from MTX Education is the perfect solution. We understand the need to provide a safe, nurturing environment for under fives to learn and play. Our modular nursery buildings provide a low-impact, cost-effective space for young minds to thrive.

Our innovative range of nursery and daycare buildings provide the durability of a traditionally-built school but with the added flexibility of a modular design to support the education and development of younger children.

Bespoke modular nursery buildings

From initial conception right through to final delivery and completion, creating your new nursery building will be as easy as child’s play with MTX Education. The totally flexible nature of MTX Education’s modular nursery buildings means we can create the learning facility that’s perfect for both your daycare business and your young pupils. We consider several key elements, including:

  • Building size and footprint
  • External play space
  • Access and egress to the building including provision for security
  • External covered outdoor learning space
  • Playrooms and storage
  • Toilets, cleaners and utility requirements
  • Staff and welfare accommodation
  • Administration accommodation and offices

Working closely with our expert team of engineers and designers, MTX Education can provide a bespoke modular nursery building that enhances the pre-school learning experience. The modular nature of nursery buildings means we can offer a bespoke range of layouts, facilities and finishes, tailored specifically to your young learners’ needs.

The benefits of modular nurseries

All our energy-efficient modular nursery buildings are specifically designed to meet the user’s exact requirements and look and perform in the same way as a traditionally constructed building.

In addition, by being constructed in our high spec factory before final set up on your site, our innovative nursery buildings also offer:

  • Limit the disruption of on-site construction and impact on every-day school life
  • Provide up to 50% faster build-up time, compared to a traditional build
  • Improved health and safety on-site
  • Produce less waste and improve recycling
  • Reduce traffic during a build up on-site
  • A flexible, affordable solution to your nursery school needs

We acknowledge the importance of safety and security when designing and constructing nursery buildings and we work extensively with existing nursery team leaders to wisely discuss and plan the construction strategy. This is done to ensure your new facility is both enjoyable and safe to the end users and completed in a minimal amount of time